DP Source Console

DP Source Console is a development and debug tool for testing the Link protocol of DisplayPort Sink devices. It can be used with DPT-200 compact sized reference source and VTG-5225 DP pattern generator. DP Source Console supports eDP Alternate Scrambling and eDP Framing Change.

The functionality of the tool is a combination of a PC GUI and the firmware in DPT-200. The PC is connected to DPT-200 through a USB or interface.

  • Perform manual and automatic link training for DP and eDP
  • Output PHY patterns like PRBS7, D10.2, etc.
  • Output proper video timings with one of the built-in patterns
  • Set output swing and pre-emphasis levels
  • Change scrambler to match either DP or eDP
  • Support for eDP alternate framing
  • Read and write sink EDID and DPCD locations
  • Report link training outcome and state of the DP link
  • Start / stop HDCP authentication
  • Report HDCP authentication outcome and state
  • Feed through audio from external sources to DP interface

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