Production Line Test Automation

Functional Testing and
Quality Assurance

Unigraf Test System Interface, TSI

Unigraf's SDK for test automation is called Test System Interface (TSI). TSI is a hardware independent, high level Software API (Software Application Interface). It offers compact and short cycle time test routines with which the functionality of most common display interfaces can be verified.

Test Cases

Unigraf TSI includes ready made, interface specific test routines called Test Cases. The Test Cases provide the system integrator pretested, efficient routines as building blocks of the test application. Test Cases are optimized for reliability and speed. They are executed partly in the test equipment hardware and partly in the host PC.

Improved Portability

The use of Test Cases is straightforward. Since the detailed execution and severity of the test is defined with parameters, test applications are can easily be modified and re-used between test set-ups.

Minimize Application Programming

The use of TSI and the Test Cases significantly simplifies integrators’ need to do application specific programming. TSI ensures the compatibility of the application software with any Unigraf test equipment hardware. Both TSI and Test Cases ensure the user flexibility for future upgrades and, what is a major cost factor, re-use of the written code of software.

Key TSI Features and Hardware Support

For detailed description of each TSI Test Case, please contact Unigraf Technical Support.

LabVIEW Support

Unigraf's high level SDK, TSI, is compatible with National Instruments LabVIEW. Please contact Unigraf Technical Support for a free LabVIEW Virtual Instrument (VI) example demonstrating the integration.


The Key Features of Functional Testing

  • The tests should cover all features of the product
  • The tests should be reliable, make clear difference between the non-functioning and within-the-specs units
  • The tests should be fast, do all needed test within the allowed time
  • The tests should be flexible to adapt altering test requirements

Test tools intended for design work are often not directly applicable for production line testing. The objective during design phase is to analyze the performance of the DUT while in production line the target is to make sure that the product was assembled properly. Also the test time requirement is obviously different.


Related Products

The following product are compatible with Unigraf TSI.

   USB-C DisplayPort™ Alternate Mode Tester 

UCD-301 Digital
   USB 3.0 connected video test module for digital video outputs

UCD-323 HDDP Dual
   USB 3.0 connected video test module with 4K inputs and outputs

   Full Frame Rate HDMI and DP capture board

UCD-2 Vx1
   USB connected V-by-One capture device